A bit about me .. ❣️

Hey guys it’s a girl with a blog again . Today I am going to talk about something diffrent . I am on the autism spectrum . What is autism ? I would put it in a way that I see the world different than others 🙂 . I find it hard to make friends and I find it hard to look people in the eye and sometimes I am a little awkward in conversations and talking to people in general . One thing I like about being on the autism spectrum?. I like having my own space . What I don’t like about being autistic I don’t like that I find it difficult to make friends I honestly would love to make friends but people think I’m weird . It really upsets me I just wish I had friends to hang out with and have some of the same interests as I do 💞. It really upsets me that people don’t give me a chance .. if you really get to know me I’m a really nice person and I am very loyal . Sometimes I feel alone people say that they are my friends I really want to believe them but I can’t . I have a dream to inspire people and spread kindness .. what I want you to do today is if you see someone alone or looking sad give them a smile you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors and they might just need someone to smile at them 🙂 . I would like to end this note on a postive note .. if anyone out there is having a bad day I want you to know this .. storms don’t last forever and there will be brighter days 🥰. To anyone out there trying to find who they are and what their worth is you will be found 😇. To anyone who is struggling out there don’t be afraid to reach out for help ❣️ talk to someone tell them how you are feeling .. and it’s okay if you don’t feel comftable I find writing down my feelings helps .. 🙂 it’s okay not to be okay .. if all you did today was breathe I am proud of you and you are a warrior keep fighting ❣️ I hope this letter inspires people and makes a difference 😇. Keep smiling , stay awesome , be you , be kind , chase that dream , you can do it !! Stay safe 💞 . – girl with a blog 🥰

One thought on “A bit about me .. ❣️

  1. cheriewhite says:

    Beautiful and authentic post, Holly. I feel your pain because I was once bullied severely and had no friends. But eventually, things changed and I want you to know that they will change for you too. Keep holding on because it gets better.


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