My role model πŸ’ž

Hey guys .. it’s girl with a blog here again .. Today I am going to talk about something diffrent today .. I am going to talk about my role model and someone who I find inspiring .. what is a role model you may ask ? Basically what a role model is someone you look up to it can be anyone .. your parents , your favorite teacher , a singer or a dancer .. even yourself .. πŸ’ž you can inspire yourself in many ways !! . As I have said before in my latest post that I am very intrested in kpop .. My role model is a kpop idol .. his name is Kim taehyung (v) from BTS .. You all may ask how does he inspire me ? .. I had to think about it for a while .. He inspires me because ..I like the fact that he is very inspirational .. for example I like that he goes out and inspires the army .. I am going to take this quote for example β€œ I urge you to follow your heart β€œ ~ V (bts) .. that quote has stuck with me .. my dream is to inspire someone and sometimes I feel like giving up on that dream .. but I always think of that quote and I get motivated again .. and all of the hard work he and bts have put in for example the love yourself campaign which was an amazing thing πŸ’—. I like that V is very caring and loving towards the army I think it’s amazing .. the world can be scary but he goes out there and inspires millions .. that’s what I find inspiring .. πŸ’ž I think it’s a lovely thing .. as I said before I am on the autism spectrum and for a while I didn’t know who my role model was .. I had to think for a long time .. πŸ’˜ my personal note to my role model : taehyung .. I just want to say thank you so much for inspiring me .. πŸ™‚ and others .. honestly your hard work never goes unnoticed .. you are the reason I keep working hard to accomplish my dream of inspiring people ..❣️ .. I hope one day to inspire someone πŸ™‚ never stop being kind, keep smiling, be yourself and stay safe πŸ™‚ – Holly To anyone out there who is struggling don’t be afraid to reach out for help .. take your time , small steps try and talk to someone it could be your parents , your friend , your teacher , and if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone that is okay I always find writing my feelings in a diary helpfully πŸ™‚ .. if you are still trying to find yourself .. you will be found πŸ™‚ . Please stay safe .. be kind if you see someone sad or alone give them a smile they might just need that you never know what goes on behind closed doors . Be yourself it is okay to be diffrent be diffrent ❣️. Keep smiling storms don’t last forever and there will be bright days πŸ’›. Keep inspiring remember you can inspire anyone πŸ™‚ .. and in many different ways .. that is all for today guys .. πŸ₯° I am thinking of more fun ideas to do .. thank you all for your support I really appreciate itπŸ₯°.. – girl with a blog πŸ’•

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