Hi everyone welcome to my blog . I am a new blogger . Everyone is welcome πŸ’˜. I hope everyone is safe and well. Today for my first post I am going to write an inspirational letter as it has always been my dream to inspire someone πŸ’ž. If you are having a bad day I hope you smile at this letter !! . I want to let you know that storms don’t last forever and there will be many brighter days ..β˜€οΈ If today you feel unmotivated or not good enough. You are a hundred percent good enough . You are important . You matter and the world is blessed to have you 🌏 you are a light in this world . If you don’t feel that right now don’t worry take your time to find yourself and your worth as Evan Hansen once said β€œyou will be found”. If you have a dream or a big dream chase it !! . Work hard for it . hard work never goes unnoticed and if you are tired take breaks but don’t quit . it is okay to take breaks . Jk Rowling once said β€œanything is possible β€œ. Here is a poem by Wendy silva called dare to dream . Close your eyes and let your imagination fly away . See a picture of where you wish to be one day . Let the colours of your heart take command and paint the picture of your dream and place it in your hand . Hold it tightly and nurture it but allow it room to grow . When you reach your dream . open your hand and let go . Close your eyes and search for another caring for it as it was before . Never stop searching achieving and letting go , for that’s what dreams are for . Here are a few reminders for each day 🌿 1. It is okay if the only thing you did today was breathe ❣️ to me you are a winner and a warrior and I am so proud of you .. keep going 🌱 . Be kind you never know what someone is going through .. if you see someone upset or alone smile at them πŸ™‚ you never know what goes on behind closed doors and maybe they just need someone to smile at them πŸ’•. It’s okay not to be okay if you are struggling don’t be afraid to reach out for help you can talk to someone you trust maybe your parents or a teacher or a friend . And it is okay if you don’t feel comfortable I find writing down my feelings down helpful . Just I want you to remember this you are not alone whatever you are feeling or going through just know that you are loved❣️. Take care of yourself .. you are a priority πŸ’• you are so much more beautiful than you think you are . Don’t give up all great things take time . Take your time baby steps first . I hope when you read this letter you feel inspired . Always know that you are loved no matter what you feel . Same time next week stay awesome . Be yourself . Be kind . Remember to give someone a smile πŸ™‚ . You are amazing . You are important . – girl with a blog